Sunday, January 06, 2013

My Ghost Story: Absolutely true

When I was in London in 1975-6 I met a girl named Janice and we spent all the time together. One night I stayed over with her and her friend Tammy in Vauxhall south of the Thames. I had bought Janice an inexpensive necklace.

Janice, wearing the necklace and the top I bought her

That night Janice when to sleep early and gave me the necklace for safe keeping till morning. I stayed up with Tammy most the whole night talking.Tammy told me the apartment has a ghost who will show up at midnight and leave at five in the morning. I did not quite believe her. She said once she came home and the lights were on as she saw from the street, but when she got in the lights were off and the entire apartment was shatteringly hot. This is impossible because it was the middle of winter and she had no central heating, only an electric space heater that could barely keep a small part of one room warm. She also experienced things moved around. She would leave with a glass on the counter and would come home and it would be on the table.

We were talking about this and that with the dog and cat sleeping till at midnight I heard a sound, like a coin tapping glass. I looked around and asked Tammy what the sound was. She said the ghost. And just at that time the dog and cat woke and started walking around looking up at corners and the ceiling and so forth. Suddenly I heard a door slam.  I went out to the small hallway and all the doors were half ajar. More sounds like a bat hitting wood continued now and then all night.

At about four, I was too tired and went to the guest room to sleep, hanging Janice's necklace on the knob of a bureau drawer right beside where I was sleeping. When I woke up, some hours later I looked at the necklace and it had been broken apart at the bottom. (A jeweler fixed it the next day for free.) I am a light sleeper and if someone came in the room I would have woken up, and who would have broken the necklace anyway. Not Janice, Tammy or her son.Tammy did tell of seeing the ghost once. It was in the middle of the night and she was laying in bed on her back and the ghost came floating in all white with no hands of feet and hovered over her, face to face a minute or two. It's face was totally normal and nothing scary about it...then the ghost went away.

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