Sunday, December 09, 2012

The United Jazzer Card Pack

Last summer, I got to fly back from San Francisco to Kainsai International Airport near home in Kobe Japan by United business class. Best flight I ever had. I was given the amenities pack above containing the usual goodies: sleeping mask, ear plugs, walk around socks, toothpaste, toothbrush and so forth. Arriving home I saw how fine the pack itself was and was loath to throw it away so I though of ways I could use it. I came up with the United Card Jazzer Pack.

Now the pack contains four decks of cards, a pack of Major Arcana Tarot cards and a deck of ESP cards (invisible behind the Tarot cards in the picture on the right), two packet tricks in a folder & a cue card with all the routines for each pack spelled out.

I take the pack everywhere with me. If asked to do a trick or two, I'm set to go. If asked for more, I can continue in a variety of ways. If asked to do a complete close up show, I am ready as well.

I use a Karnival as a quick opener and eye opener showing the amazing cards in the deck. Switch to an ordinary Bicycle deck to do a set that can be done impromptu, then do two packet tricks, then do an effect with a full pack special pack, switch to another regular looking pack (note the word "looking") and then conclude with tricks that include Tarot reading and a finale that tests the spectator and my own ESP

This is the epitome of packs small plays big, but only in a close up situation. It could work seated in a parlor setting but certainly not on stage.

Notice there are three switches to full packs, but all are motivated, go to ordinary cards cause the Karnival are too, creepy, after packets it is natural to go to a ordinary full deck though the cards are unusual in some way, return to an "ordinary" deck is then called for.

Effects come for the standard literature and marketable items, as well as from or via Richard Osterlind, Paul Harris, Michael Ammar, Aldo Colombini, Mike Mansfield, Gene Maze, Boris Wild, Daryl, Max Maven, and me.

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